Monday, August 18, 2008

Seek, and ye shall find.

I found a church with a contemporary evening service! Hooray. Covenant Presbyterian is actually pretty close and they have a 7pm contemporary service on Thursdays.

I've been looking for a church that has evening services for a little while. I've felt quite called lately. I've noticed a lot of christians around me, and have been missing the experience of church, but last week was the final push. I've been going to Thursday WW meetings for ages, but stopped for the summer, I went back last thursday and who should show up in the row right next to me... Princeton UMC's pastor's wife. I went to PUMC for a while, but just had a hard time with getting there in the mornings(the Lord didn't see fit to make me a morning person at all) and it wasn't quite the right fit, even though a friend/coworker attended. I'll have to talk to Scott and see if he will want to go with me. I don't know if he misses church as much as I do.

I went to a catholic church with my dad as a kid, and then Unitarian with my mom as a pre-teen, and in middle school I started going to a Presbyterian church that I made my home through high school. Some folks reading may know that New Covenant is where I met my Husband, way back when.

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