Monday, January 13, 2014


Some progress pics of blocking aeolian.


Initial pin out

Full pin out

Close up

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Riding Lessons have started back up, so I should start back up with reviews of them!

I rode Cricket in my own saddle. Since it was my first ride in like a month and a half, we just did walk/trot. I expected to be really rusty, but surprisingly I really wasn't. My sitting trot was a little off, but my posting may have actually benefited as I  seemed to pick up the correct diagonal  right off. As opposed to my usual, which is the opposite diagonal.

We worked on figure 8s and changing diagonals, and we went over cavaletti. I'm not remotely as sore as I expected, which is even better.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lesson Review

I did a pair lesson today, with a lady named Bruce Ann.

I rode Gunsmoke, in my own saddle. Renee showed me how to attach the breast collar to my english saddle, which Badger will need since the saddle slides back on him.

We worked on the canter and I did a few jumps tonight.  My jumps were better this week overall.

At the canter I need to work on not being too loose or too stiff. At first I was way too loose, then too stiff. I definitely had the goldilocks syndrome going on.  I did have an easy time asking for the canter with my seat, though.

My jumping was fun, but nerve wracking. My balance and timing are starting to get a little better, but I need to rely less on Renee to tell me when to get into two point. I also need to work on not hanging onto the reins, thus hanging in the horse's mouth.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ride Report

I rode my very own horse today. It was mostly bad. *sigh*

I rode in my new saddle
I posted the trot
I actually rode
I did not come off

He was fairly hard to mount
He was uncooperative and bratty

I posted his trot, which I had a hard time getting him into. He was really bratty, pulling on the bit, stopping short, cutting corners.
I'm not sure if it's because I ride him so rarely, or if it was the new tack, or if he just wasn't feeling great today. It was probably a combo of all.
There were a bunch of flies and he isn't in great shape right now. He did a lot of kicking up towards his belly, so it could have been flies or maybe the girth pinching. Probably flies, though, since it seemed like he was kicking straight up, rather than at the girth, or at my feet.

To Do:
-get a fold up step to bring with me if I'm going to ride. It's almost impossible to mount the english
-pick up some fly spray or maybe something that you leave on the halter.
-start keeping a stock of wormers at the apartment, he's usually an easy keeper and the last time he was thin like this it was worms.

Friday, June 28, 2013

This week's riding lesson recap

I rode in my new saddle at this week's riding lesson.  Renee said it was in great shape, although it does need new stirrup leathers. But I knew this. It is super smooth. I don't know if riding in breeches (which I do not own) would help or not.

Here's the new saddle:

This week we worked on smoothing out my post. It's fairly energetic and bouncy, when it should be easy and smooth.  I had a twist to my post this week and was having some trouble keeping my elbows in, which is not usually a problem for me. 
I'm not sure if it was the new saddle or just my legs causing the twist, which was my right hip was going further forward than the left. I think the elbows was just the heat. It's gotten hot outside!

I did manage to achieve a smooth post for brief periods of time! It felt great, and I hope to be able to figure out the magic of it soon. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Well recovery from laproscopic surgery has been going fairly well. It's been two weeks and I don't need to take any of the pain medicine, although I do still have pain.
I don't feel quite up to snuff yet, and it's beginning to grate on me. I want to be hooping, going to my riding lessons, and taking up jogging/walking/running again. I had so much fun at the hot chocolate 5k, and would like to be able to keep up with Rubarb3point14, some day.

I feel conflicted about the incisions. Some days I don't care about them, other days I am horrified by them, and feel like my belly has been mildly disfigured.  I am going to try to make an effort to slather them in scar lotion or whatever, to try to minimize their obviousness. It isn't like I wear midriff shirts or show off my pudgy belly often, so it's not like anyone is going to see the scars regularly other than Husbeast. It still bothers me a little.
And then I feel a little sheepish about it, other people have way worse scars, mine are minimal and can be easily hidden.

But comparison like that is incredibly useless, and I hate it when other people do it. Just because someone else has a worse problem doesn't mean yours isn't valid.
Knowing other people have worse scars doesn't change the fact that I am occasionally bothered by mine. It doesn't help me deal, it just serves to make me feel bad. And I shouldn't. Having feelings about scars is legitimate. I have permanent marks where once there were none.

I also feel conflicted because I chose to have surgery, so do I have the right to whine about surgery scars? I could have lived with the cysts, they weren't malignant, and didn't hurt all the time. The surgery was technically optional. So I feel guilty for occasionally being upset about the incisions.

But aside from impatience and angst, I'm doing well.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Surgery post

So surgery happened on Friday.

I loved the PA student and anesthetist that were on my med team. They were really great. My anesthesiologist... not so much.

The Neurologist that met with me Wednesday told me that I would need to list lidocaine as a drug allergy from now on and report that it causes seizure activity.  The neurologist that I had to see because the anesthesiologist wouldn't touch me with out an okay from their department.  That same anesthesiologist rolled his eyes and said "I doubt that" when I reported it to the nurse. I had to actually say that the neurologist told me to say that it is an allergy that causes seizures, and he kinda grunted and said "Well, I guess we won't give you any."
The anesthetist and PA student both took me seriously and I think it scared the PA student a little. He waited on his anesthetist mentor before trying to start my IV. The anesthetist asked me about the allergy, and then got very serious and said I needed to be sure to let ALL of my doctors know and that I should be sure to let my OB/GYN know because lidocaine is almost ubiquitous in hospital deliveries.

The surgery went as well as could have been hoped for.  I came out of it with both ovaries, which wasn't a guarantee. There was a significant chance I could have lost the right ovary, either to bleeding or simply because it might have been so badly scarred. They removed two large blood filled cysts from the right, and apparently there was a good bit of scar tissue on my right fallopian tube and on the left ovary. The doctor told Hubs we'd need to be cautious about ectopic pregnancy, due to the scarring on the tube. I imagine I'll learn more at the post-surgery visit.

The four holes are creepy. But I suppose they are better than the carved up smiley face I might have had with out laproscopic surgery. I woke up Saturday feeling like I'd been stabbed. Which of course, I kind of had. It hurt to sit up, to pee, to move at all. I'm feeling a lot better two days out. But still pretty pitiful.